Now that you've got the basics of your account set up it's time to start thinking about utilising Airship to create effective customer journeys, here are our recommendations!

Welcome journey

We recommend sending 4 - 6 emails over a 6-week period. As soon as a customer enters your database they should be taken through a well thought through customer journey that gives them valuable information about your brands and venues.

You could use Airships unique code mechanic to design different journeys based on the customer's actions e.g:

Ideas of what you may like to include in your welcome journey

  1. Give the customer an offer as a thank you for signing up and to drive that first visit.
  2. Let the customer know what happens in your brand on a weekly basis such as happy hour, offers or brunch.
  3. Tell them about your other venues if they've signed up for a particular brand.

Why not sign up to our demo brand Joiners Kitchen where we'll send you a series of emails to show exactly what you can do with Airship to utilise your welcome journey.

Birthday journey

We recommend sending an initial 'Thinking about where to book for your birthday?' email 21 days pre birthday. This allows the customer to get in touch with the venue and book the table but also any additional packages they may want.

Follow up with another email 7 days pre birthday excluding anyone who has already booked, this will help to drive last minute birthday bookings!

Retention emails

These are a great way to keep your database clean and to bring lapse customers back to being engaged. Retention emails look at a customer's activity over the previous 6 months, any customer who has not engaged with the database will be sent a retention email. Due to this, retention emails can only be set up 6 months post onboarding Airship.

Unique codes

These are great to drive bookings and keep your lapsed customers interested. Offer a free drink or dessert in a retention email to entice the customers back or include one in a birthday email to drive party bookings.

Utilising Airships unique codes

Get in touch with if you'd like to get set up with these!

Supporting materials

  • To find out how to set up your welcome emails check out this article.
  • Click here for help on setting up birthday emails.
  • Here's more information on retention emails.

Example emails



Birthday with a unique code

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