Viewing scheduled emails

To view your currently scheduled broadcast emails, visit Send > Email > Scheduled Messages

You’ll then be shown a list of any currently scheduled emails. Split test broadcasts are shown in a different section to normal broadcast emails.

Making changes to scheduled broadcasts

For a scheduled email message, you can update it, pause it or cancel it completely.

Updating an email

To update a scheduled email, click on the SQL icon. This will take you back to the interfaces for updating your search criteria.

Pausing / unpausing an email

To pause an email, click the play button. To unpause it again, click the pause button.

Cancelling a scheduled email

To cancel a scheduled email completely, click the red cross.

You’ll be prompted to confirm the cancellation.

What happens if my email has already been sent?

Once an email has been sent, it will no longer show in the scheduled items and instead show in your Outbox. Sent emails can no longer be cancelled, modified or paused.

What about automated broadcasts?

Viewing scheduled emails for automated broadcasts (welcomes, birthdays, date triggers) works in a similar way. You can access the scheduled items for each type using the Scheduled Messages option under each relevant navigation heading.

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