Step 1: Selecting the send criteria

  1. Go to the left side panel of the Airship console and click Send > Email > Simple search
  2. This is where you can define your search. You can choose which folders you’d like to include, exclude, search by personal details or suppress contacts based on particular criteria e.g if they booked a table in the last 30 days. 
  3. Always remember to save your search so that you can target this group of customers again in the future. 
  4. Count results at the end to check that the group of contacts is around the size you expect. 

Split test sends

Click the ‘Tick this box if this is a split test send’ if you’re planning on split testing 3 subject lines. We would always recommend this if you’re sending to over 3000 contacts. Click ‘Next’. Then select A/B/C if you’re using 3 subject lines and determine the amount of time given before a winning subject line is selected; we recommend one hour.

Step 2: Building the email

You will have already decided what your email will be about and which customers you will be targeting, now you can start to populate your email!

  1. Select the email template you’d like to use or a saved email to amend. 
  2. Check that all the email info is correct.
  3. Don’t forget to click the boxes for “merged unit defaults” if you are sending to multiple units.
  4. Decide how many image and text blocks you want to include in your email, select the “show blocks” button to remove/add the blocks as necessary. 
  5. Add your email subject lines
  6. This is where you can add intelligent salutations - which means you can address your customers by their first name etc. 
  7. Add the plain text header by selecting the small text block at the very top of the email. 
  8. Upload the images you want to include by clicking on the grey image blocks, you can crop to the correct size and pick the image quality here. You can also add your web links here.
  9. Select the text block and enter the main content of the email - be careful not to make this too long as the customer will lose interest. 
  10. You can add subsequent stories underneath by adding blocks, again be sure not to make the text to long. 
  11. Amend the CTA buttons to show the correct text (e.g BOOK NOW), after you have entered the text, highlight this and select “Link” to add the website link and turn it in to a button. 
  12. You can also add links to images or within text in the same way.
  13. Add any T&C’s at the bottom of the email.
  14. Remember to hide blocks and save your email before continuing with an appropriate name. 
  15. Check that you are happy with how the email looks by clicking the “preview” button. 

Step 3: Sending

At this point you will have either selected your send criteria or be carrying out a test send to yourself.

  1. Check that you are happy with all the details on this page.
  2. Add a tag (e.g “Christmas”) so that we can easily report on the performance of your email sends.
  3. Remember to check the box for test send (if it is a test send) before continuing.
  4. When you are happy click send! 
  5. Alternatively, you can select a time/date you would like the email to be sent in the ‘schedule’ section.
  6. It’s always a good idea to check your scheduled items once you have done this to double check everything looks correct. 

Test send tip!
Always remember to complete a test send before selecting the final send criteria - you can do this by “Narrow by personal details” and entering your own email & anybody else you’d like to receive the test send - when you count results, make sure the result is correct.

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